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Author Pens New Book, Launches Game On Institute

Focuses on Tools and Strategies for Living On Purpose

 Dr. Joseph E. Kimbrough’s newest book, Game On: Tools and

Strategies for Living On Purpose (ISBN 978-1-937400-50-7), offers readers a roadmap

to success based on business leadership principles for creating a satisfying life. He

writes, “Winning in business and in life requires similar skills such as setting goals,

managing time and developing leadership traits.”

Inside the book you will learn:

1. How to identify and hone your personal leadership traits

2. How attitude affects goal setting and achievement

3. How to develop and execute a plan for a better you

4. How to manage your time efficiently

5. How to achieve success one accomplishment at a time

6. The keys to effective communication

7. How to leverage your character to lead others

8. Conflict management skills and the value of being assertive

Kimbrough felt prompted to launch the Game On Institute, a personal coaching system

to help participants find and develop leadership skills within, after increasing demand for

this information. He says, “One of the things we talk about in the book is whether

leaders are born or made. A lot of people feel that leaders are born, so there’s no point

in trying. That’s not true. You can learn different skills that will take your life to the next

level.” And this is the impetus for launching the institute.

Dr. Kimbrough launched the book and the institute after having conducted numerous

workshops, using the book as the basis of the sessions. Game On: Tools and

Strategies for Living on Purpose is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and major

retailers nationwide and retails at $18.95. It is a top selling book for publisher Manifold

Grace Publishing House.